Extra Intro measures

2015.05.27 15:37

gwl Views:9814

I'm using your software to study. This is a feature request.

When "Extra Intro Measures" is set to a number different than 0 and you tap on the play button, Practice Player Live Midi (PPLM) starts the metronome before the music by the number of specified measures. This is extremely usefull if you use PPLM to study, because it allows you to take the tempo of the music before the music starts.
At the moment this features is active only at the beginning of a piece so if you start to play your piece not from beginning the metronome will not start in advance. It is possible to make it working even if you do not start the piece from the beginning? In case you don't want this feature always enabled you could make it optional creating a radio button "Always" or "Only beginning". 

THank you, g.

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