Play measures in a loop - Define

2015.05.28 09:31

gwl Views:7601

1) When I strudy a piece I sometimes need to repeat many times just a small part of it. Is it possible to specify some measures and make PPLD play only these measure in loop?

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2) A fantastic feature would be having the possibility to split the piece or better to define the section of the piece you want (and maybe the tempo of them) and then easily select them. For instance:

Piece is 100 measures.

You define three section:

1) from measure 15 to measure 20

2) from measure 30 to measure 40

3) from measure 90 to measure 100

And then you can select one of the section to play.

To do the same today, I split the piece in multiple file and save them separately. But this is a big work!

Ciao, g.


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