Recommended Soundfont and download site link

This page is to provide information for recommended soundfont for the app  'Live Midi Practice Player'.


- You can use seperate app for recommended soundfont installation (see following link)


Followings are some of recommended soundfonts.

But you may search internet yourself for many other GM compatible Sound fonts


Installation foloder may differ from phone to phone.

You can find correct folder for extracted soundfont by looking at dialog

box when you touch 'Live' button to enable Live Midi feature.


aaviolin (for solo violin)

   - preset number need to be edited to be used in layer on top of GM sound font for all other presets

   - following 2 soundfonts are prepared from aaviolin

     =>  aa-fast-Vn-Pf.sf2 - recommended for solo violin (from aa-violin)

     =>  aa-slow-Vn-Pf.sf2 - recommended for solo violin (from aa-violin)

SGM-V2.01 about 240 MB, sfArk compressed

FluidR3 GM



Weeds General MIDI SoundFont v3.0, about 50 MB

Merlin Vienna, about 100MB

Soundfont link from SynthFont

Merlin Soundfont Banks

Instruments, Samples, and Sound Effects, where sinfon36.sf2 recommended


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